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These are some photos from my trip to the Southwest this past October.  It's really a good place to go if you like to take pictures, since you can pretty much point the camera in any random direction, snap the shutter, and wind up with an impressive picture.  If you actually put some effort into it, so much the better.  I'm the kind of person that doesn't take many pictures throughout the year, but then I take way too many when I go on vacation.  I had a tendency to do this even before I got a digital camera, but there was always the cost of film and getting it developed to think about, which managed to subdue me a little.  Well, this was my first vacation since I went digital, and in the week-and-a-half I was out there, I managed to take over 1,000 pictures.  Electrons are free, after all!  Yeah.  OK, well that's just great, but now try to pick the best ones out to actually show someone.  So here are a few that aren't necessarily the best ones, but just some that caught my eye as I quickly scanned through the sea of thumbnails.
Mystery Valley
This is my friend Bill sitting somewhere in the Mystery Valley area of Monument Valley.
Totem Pole
This is me standing in Monument Valley with the thousand foot high "Totem Pole" on the right and the "Yei-Bi-Chei" pinnacles on the left.
Big-ass Rock
Here's a my dad lifting up this, like, thousand ton rock in Monument Valley so I could get a good shot of what's under it.
Artist's Point
Artist's Point is probably the most impressive view in Monument Valley. Unfortunately, we happened to be there during part of the four inches of rain they get every year.
Church Rock
This is the kind of thing you just find sitting along the sides of the roads in Utah. This picture came out amazingly well considering I shot it out the window of a moving car.
Wilson Arch
Wilson Arch also just happens to be sitting along the side of the road in Utah.
By the Arch
This is my brother Scott standing in a small crevice on the side of Wilson Arch that is a lot more difficult to climb up to than it looks.
Balanced Rock
Arches National Park was one of the inspirations for the scenery in the old Road Runner cartoons.

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