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These are some photos from my trip to the Southwest this past October.  It's really a good place to go if you like to take pictures, since you can pretty much point the camera in any random direction, snap the shutter, and wind up with an impressive picture.  If you actually put some effort into it, so much the better.  I'm the kind of person that doesn't take many pictures throughout the year, but then I take way too many when I go on vacation.  I had a tendency to do this even before I got a digital camera, but there was always the cost of film and getting it developed to think about, which managed to subdue me a little.  Well, this was my first vacation since I went digital, and in the week-and-a-half I was out there, I managed to take over 1,000 pictures.  Electrons are free, after all!  Yeah.  OK, well that's just great, but now try to pick the best ones out to actually show someone.  So here are a few that aren't necessarily the best ones, but just some that caught my eye as I quickly scanned through the sea of thumbnails.
On the Edge
Here's my brother Scott standing on the edge of a chasm (as he tends to do) at the Grand Canyon.
Grand Canyon Near Dusk
The Canyon was a little hazy the day we were there – as it often is – but this picture was kind of interesting.
Some Big Mound
This is some big mound near the Grand Canyon with the sun catching it in just the sort of way that the sun needs to catch a big mound in order to make a big mound look kinda cool.
Parents in Sedona
My mom and dad standing near the top of a hill we hiked up in Sedona, AZ
Spider Rock
This is Spider Rock in Canyon De Chelley (pronounced "De Chay"). It's size is made more apparent by the yellow pickup truck down on the canyon floor a little to the right of center along the bottom of the picture.
Mesa Verde Sunset
This is a sunset we caught just as we were approaching the entrance to Mesa Verde.
Cool Lookin' Rock
This rock is about the only really interesting thing on the long, bumpy back road into Chaco Canyon, other than the road itself.
Threatening Rock
This is the rather appropriately named "Threatening Rock" in Chaco Canyon.

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