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7/24/2013  1:40:46 PM  Craig  Mountney  Hi all Mountney's I'm from Nottinghamshire ,UK , England 
5/7/2012  1:13:09 PM  paul david  mountney  son of edward harold mountney brantford ont. canada.  
11/14/2008  7:15:33 AM  steve-lee  mountney  just lookin for my dad hes livin in biringham i thnk hes called steven jack mountney ??? 
10/30/2008  9:08:48 AM  carol  mountney  hello. just found your site,I am another Mountney of Mansfield,England. Daughter of Thomas,not famous ,but a wonderful father! 
9/29/2007  7:55:12 AM  Paul  Mountney  Hi Bill I think it's cool that there's a 'Mountney' web site. I'm wondering, do people ask you to spell your last name, like they ask me all the time? I'm from Birmingham, England, but now living in Louisiana. 
1/1/2007  9:03:26 AM  karl  mountney  happy new year all :) 
12/9/2006  7:20:59 AM  karl  mountney  If some has information on the family tree please let me know as I have always wondered who possible relatives might be. think we,ve traced it back to 1066 from france 
12/9/2006  7:18:47 AM  karl  mountney  so there are some more mountneys then:) i,m from mansfield notts and think thats auntie carol 6 down 
7/2/2006  7:36:00 PM  Chase  Mountney  I am a Mountney from Canada, close to Niagara Falls. 
12/25/2005  9:02:39 PM  matt  teare  Yo, Bill...How was your Christmas, hope all is well. I ran into your dad at the post was nice to see him again...we gotta get together soon...don't be a stranger...tell your little bro I said hi. Matt 
12/17/2005  8:19:16 AM  carol  mountney  i am another mountney,from mansfield,nottinghamshire.england.i'm just checking 2 c how many more !! 
10/18/2005  12:12:12 PM  Scott  Donia  You SUCK and your music and movies make me SICK!! Oh, I'm sorry I thought this was the Jennifer Lopez Guestbook. 
10/6/2005  7:48:22 PM  Christine  Mountney  great to see so many Mountney's around the world, WE ROCK!--- the Canadian Mountney's 
7/4/2005  1:12:38 AM  Steven  Mountney  G'day Bill, Just doing a little surfing and came across your website. Very surprised to see this many mountneys around Cheers - Steve Mountney 
6/28/2005  3:46:02 PM  Jim  Mountney  Hi from New Zealand Mountney's 
4/27/2005  9:54:57 PM  matt  teare  Yo Bill, Scott and :Al,Bill and other Tabernacle folk. Excellent Pictures. Talk to you soon. 
4/27/2005  9:54:49 PM  matt  teare  Yo Bill, Scott and :Al,Bill and other Tabernacle folk. Excellent Pictures. Talk to you soon. 
4/15/2005  3:27:09 AM  amanda  mountney   
4/6/2005  2:59:44 AM  Tight  Jeans  The first entry of 2005 was on Ann Drive bee-ach 
3/25/2005  11:51:42 PM  Muhammad  Al-Hodder  Allow me to be the first entry of 2005! 
11/18/2004  1:33:24 AM  chris  mountney  tasmanian mountneys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! 
11/18/2004  1:28:34 AM  chris  mountney   
11/17/2004  10:17:57 PM  ed  gein  Mistakes is the worst movie ever. I should sue for royalties but I loved it. 
9/24/2004  10:14:51 AM  Greg  Donia  I can't believe it took me so long to realize that Bill is much funnier then that dud Scott. Thank god that guy moved to Seattle. 
9/20/2004  3:36:34 AM  Nathan  Mountney  Nice to see some of the MOUNTNEY clan on the web. Keep it up, in no time at all the world will be ours. Hi to Scott, Matt and Maxine too! If I come to the US I'll let you guys know. Laters, Nate from the UK! 
6/5/2004  6:36:03 PM  Steven  Spielberg  Very talented movies. I enjoyed them very much. Maybe I will see you soon on the west coast. If you are ever out here get your people to call my people and we will do lunch. 
6/5/2004  12:37:34 AM  Jim  Brooks  I'm disappointed that you're not still using the Atari 800 for composing midi music. :-) (the theme from Halloween was classic Bill Mountney back in the day) Seriously, I never knew you had so much musical talent. Excellent songs, Bill. 
2/2/2004  5:39:54 PM  James  Liberi  Best movies ever... 
12/22/2003  11:02:45 AM  Anon    Great shots of the SW. You should consider entering some in a photo contest. 
11/11/2003  11:10:24 PM  Mike  West  Came here from the cakewalk forum. Noticed youre from Medford, which is a biscuit away from me in Williamstown. Cheers, M West. 
9/29/2003  8:26:21 AM  maxine  mountney  this site needs a womans touch!!!go the aussie mountney's 
9/8/2003  8:20:20 PM  Fred  Sloan  Herrow? Herrow? Is anyone IN there? What the Hell? 
7/9/2003  8:23:17 PM  scott  mountney  Who is this Bill Craig guy? This site sucks as bad as Scott Mountney's site!!!!! Where do I get a refund? 
7/6/2003  11:59:08 PM  Matt  Mountney  If some has information on the family tree please let me know as I have always wondered who possible relatives might be. 
3/3/2003  4:53:41 PM  Bill  Craig  I wish another Mountney would update his site! 
2/4/2003  2:53:40 PM  scott  mountney  This site rules, it has changed my whole view on personal web sites!!!!! 
1/31/2003  5:06:23 PM      Guestbook initialized. 

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